True Stories: Nerryl – Prefer to work direct to clients and help families

Nerryl-edited_Occupational-Therapist_ADHCI am an occupational therapist working with school aged children on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I work with children with a moderate to severe intellectual disability, which is the primary diagnosis to be eligible for ADHC services.

Many of the children also have a physical disability to a greater or lesser degree. This can be as complex as severe cerebral palsy, or something like low muscle tone. Children attend schools for special needs, special classes in mainstream school or are integrated into mainstream classes, or have services provided at home. Children are treated individually or in groups.

True Stories: Matt Spanko – my journey of learning

Matt Spanko_editedI was at university and had to do some work experience at DoCS (Department of Community Services). It was at that point I realised that this was where my passion and interests lay – in helping young people with barriers to participation. I have loved working across a number of services, age groups and disability types. Everyday is different and everyday I learn, and while everyday might not be fun I always have a laugh.

I ended up working for 7 years at DoCS and ADHC (Ageing, Disability and Home Care) as a Care Worker in a Day Program. This involved taking young people with a range of disabilities, primarily quite severe and challenging behaviours, out from their homes and into the community. Many of the clients were in group homes and had only just been moved from large institutions, so this provided us with even greater motivation to provide a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience. I have now worked in both government and not-for-profit services.

True Stories: Greg – never stop learning!

Greg_ADHC_editedI am a Registered Nurse at a large residence in Northern Sydney. I am the Recreation Officer for the centre and develop, program, organise and facilitate the recreational pursuits of the clients. I also provide an avenue for ex-clients to continue to participate and maintain their relationship with the other residents and staff.

I also provide training to staff, and liaise with various community groups to provide and promote inclusive recreational programs. One of my greatest
beliefs in this field is the need for people with a disability to have a presence in the community and the majority of my programs set out to deliver that.