Let the right job find you through Job Alerts!

Take the guess work out of your job search. A Job Alert is your way of being first to know about the latest job offers posted on carecareers.

They are easy to set up, just register with you name and email address and set up as many as you like (Maximum 10 )to achieve the best results.

carecareers Job Alerts

For each Job alert select from each of the following criteria.


Classification: HealthCare & Medical
SubClassification: Disability Jobs
Work Type: Full Time
Salary : 31,000 – 59,999
Location: Sydney
Area: North West & Hills Districts
Only jobs posted in the last: 7 days (Notifies you of job ads posted 7 days ago and any job ads posted in the future)

Finally chose some keywords. Searching by keywords narrows your search results, helping you to find the right job the first time.

Keywords are particularly useful if you are searching for a specific role, skill, location or company. It will include words that appear in job titles, tags, advertisement body text and most other parts of the ad.

Results for any single word entered in the search field will include all jobs that have used that word anywhere in the ad. If the word you have searched is the same as one of our job categories (say a profession, role, industry etc), your search results will include all the jobs in that category.

If you search for more than one word, such as sales management, your results will only include jobs where SUPPORT WORKER (as a set of words) has been used in the ad.

If the word SUPPORT appears in the ad and is not followed immediately by WORKER, it will not be included in your search results. You can use OR to list jobs including either word. Your search will then include all jobs where the word SUPPORT OR the word WORKER appear anywhere in the ad.

Name i.e My Support Worker Alert and save the Job alert. Don’t forget you can create up to 10 alerts so why not set up other job alerts with say the same classification’s but this time use “CARE WORKER” as your keywords.


Best of luck with the Job Hunt
The carecareers team.

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