How to make a successful Job Application via a Smartphone

Making a career change is not something you do lightly, but it can be a life-changing event.


Recent ‘industry’ surveys have told us that some people would rather starve, lose a finger or undergo root canal treatment than lose their mobile phone. That might all sound a bit extreme but there’s no doubt the humble smartphone is insinuating itself into more and more areas of our lives. You can use a mobile phone for announcing a birth, ending a relationship, sorting out your finances, or buying almost anything under the sun, so in the scheme of things applying for a job via a smartphone does not sound like too much of a stretch.

Searching for jobs is easy on a mobile device but is it a good way to make a successful Job Application? Well it can be, and some of the job applications made via carecareers have been excellent, but it is vital to do some planning and preparation first.

Firstly, your résumé must be up to date and easily accessible. On platforms like carecareers you can store it on your (mobile-friendly) Career Hub. Another option is to store your résumé in a cloud-based solution like Google Docs or Dropbox so you can access it anywhere.

Even easier, if you are applying via carecareers, is to send your stored personal profile instead. Your profile should contain the same information as your résumé, but you can make any late changes to your profile on the spot before you send it. So invest a little time in completing your profile and you will be one step ahead.

Secondly, your cover letter. Whatever you do, don’t apply without including some form of cover letter! Employers hate getting applications with no explanation or just a token line like “Dear Sir, here is my resume”. A cover letter is your opportunity to separate yourself from the pack and make it clear why they should be offering the job to you. Take the time to write a good cover letter- it really can be the difference between being ignored or being hired.

Again carecareers has a useful template for a cover letter. You can use it to prompt yourself to make the points that will get you noticed. It’s stored on the site and is conveniently set up and easy to use on any platform, including mobile.

Does sending an application via a smartphone speed up the process? Of course jobseekers want to get hired and employers want to fill open positions as quickly as possible. If you apply by mobile you don’t need to get to your home or office before pressing “Send”.

But many if not most organisations will still have a formal recruitment process in place. That usually means the vacancy has a fixed closing date, and only after that will all applications be considered as employers strive to maintain a ‘level playing field’. So while getting your application in early might show you are keen, it won’t necessarily reduce the recruitment period overall.

So yes, it’s certainly possible to make a job application on a smartphone. It’s not that hard, it can be fast, but it won’t guarantee that you get to the head of the queue. For your best chance of achieving that, be sure to concentrate on the quality of the application.

And good luck, however you choose to do it!

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