Five Tips to help you stand out in People Search


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More and more people are posting their profiles in carecareers NEW People Search – where employers can find you and offer you work.  You haven’t! What are you waiting for?

It only takes a few minutes to complete your profile and make it searchable.  And here are five key tips to give you the best chance of being offered a job.


1        Photo

You want your People Search profile to look different from everybody else’s.  Including a photo of yourself is one sure way of making it do so.  If you’re camera-shy, that’s fine, but don’t leave the space blank and colourless. You can use one of our delightful avatars to make your profile look professional.


2        Short description

This is what employers see in their search  results, so what you write can be crucial in determining whether or not they take the next step.

What is most likely to make an employer interested in you? It could be your skills, experience or passions.  Pick what defines you and say it in one line. You can see good examples here


3        Full description

Take the opportunity to flesh out your profile so a future employer can get a really good sense of what you have to offer.  They have already clicked ‘View details’ so they are interested enough to read more about you.  Don’t miss the chance to tell them about your talents, passions and ambitions for the future.  It helps an employer no end to have a good picture of you and, if they warm to it, you’re half-way there.

Hint – if you have a recent cover letter, it’s a great place to start.


4        Tags

Including tags is a great way of ensuring your profile appears in lots of searches. A tag is a short-cut for an employer when he or she is searching. By posting a tag for every one of your attributes, you will ensure you are in contention each time that search is made.


5        Keep it current

Don’t forget to keep your People Search profile updated with any new training or relevant experience.

The profile includes a “Last updated” field and having a more recent date can imply a sense of urgency. This will encourage employers to reach out to you before you’re snapped up.


Can we help? If you need advice on what’s going to be best for you, contact the Career Centre on  or 1300 637 637.



Erin Ollila

about 2 years ago

I loved your post. I’m throwing my hat into the freelance world and your tips helped me to get perspective on this new journey.


Tim Rondt

about 2 years ago

Great article for a resume , i think another think will stand out is to use colors of the company on your resume.


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