Beware the trap of “Apply easily”


When you’re looking for a new job, you have a smorgasbord of options. All kinds of job boards, some good , some bad, are competing for your attention.  In order to win your favour, job boards have all sorts of tactics. One is to tell you they can save you time by helping you to “Apply easily with…”  Add a file, press a button and bingo, you’ve made a job application. That’s good, isn’t it?

Well it’s certainly good for the job board. They can tell the advertiser that their job has attracted have loads of applications. But how good is this kind of job application? Will it get you what you want?

If you, the jobseeker, have pre-prepared your cover letter and résumé and tailored them especially for this employer and this job, then no problem. If you’ve done your homework you’re in with a chance; carecareers actively supports this kind of application.

But if you have not done the groundwork, it’s a different story. If, say, you wrote something generic like “Dear Sir, I wish to apply for the position”, you’re on shaky ground. If you have not specifically addressed what’s in the job ad, the employer might wonder if you have actually read it. Hiring managers are looking for commitment, a genuine match, and some evidence that you have really thought about the role. A dashed-off application rarely demonstrates any of these. A hurriedly-written job application is usually dismissed even more hurriedly.

How to make the best impression

If you really want to get noticed, don’t fall into the “Apply easily with…” trap. If you are serious about the job, take the time to show the Hiring Manager that you are. If that means making fewer applications, then so be it – prioritise the jobs that you really want. At the risk of sounding like your parents, quantity is not quality and you don’t get nothing for nothing.

So remember “Apply easily” does not necessarily equal “Apply effectively”. Making the application may well have been easy but, instead of saving you time, in reality it’s probably wasting your time.

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