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And the Oscar for best Support Worker goes to…

If you’re thinking of a career change, and wondering what the work is like, there’s nothing quite like hearing from somebody who is doing it already.

carecareers is dedicated to the disability, community and aged care sector. Throughout our site, in True Stories and elsewhere, you can meet the people who work in it.  If you hear them talk about why they do what they do, chances are you’ll want to do it too.

So we welcome the new Jobactive Aged Care and Disability Services page.  It has more voices from the sector, as well as resources to help you make the right career choice. Here’s just a sample:

If you’re interested in working as a Disability Support Worker, check out this video:

Or to see what’s like Working in an Aged Care facility, try this one:

You will find more videos on the Jobactive Aged Care and Disability page or carecareers’ own campaign stories  

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carecareers’ new video stars – Sarah & Liv

Sarah and Liv are two presenters from our projectABLE team – people with lived experience of disability who deliver high-energy, interactive disability awareness and career workshops to students around the country.

All of our projectABLE presenters are hugely talented with unique stories to tell, but when Sarah and Liv get together it’s not long before particularly funny anecdotes start rolling.

It’s carecareers’ mission to encourage more people to work in this sector by telling them all the good things you can experience in it.  One of those is the sense of fun.

Despite, or maybe even because of, some of the challenging aspects of the work in this sector, you find enormous warmth and good humour wherever you go. It’s one of the unsung aspects of working in disability, community and aged care and we saw an opportunity to shine a light on it with these videos.

So enjoy Sarah and Liv in action in #sorrynotsorry below. And if you like that, you’ll find more at our YouTube channel and read more about  Liv and projectABLE

True Stories: Dale Clark – If I can, anyone can…

Dale Clark


About three and half years ago, after being self-employed for many years, I decided that I was fed up with what I was doing and chasing money owed to me.  So I made myself unemployed and after a few visits to a job agency the opportunity came up to start a Cert III in Disability through the Pathways Program which was supported by Nexus and another organisation.  When it came to the work experience part of the program, Nexus gave me the opportunity to do so in one of their group homes.

Soon after this was complete I was employed by Nexus as a Casual Disability Support Worker Level 2 and after six months I gained a permanent Level 2 position.
After another seven months I was given the opportunity to work as a temporary Level 3 Key Worker position which in the last few months has been made permanent.

The Disability Sector offers so many opportunities and if I can relearn and commence a new career at 51 years of age anyone can. It’s wonderful!

Dale Clark
Level 3 Key Worker (DSD 3)
Nexus Inc
Moonah , Hobart