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Uniting Care Portraits_ Anita Le LayI’ve worked in the care sector for 22 years. I’m a social worker by trade, and that’s where I started my career in the sector. It began in the UK, where I was working with young people with mental-health issues.

During the 1990s when the Disability Services Act was reviewed. A lot of services required change, so I did a lot of work in that area, looking at things such as accommodation, employment and transport.

It was all about empowering people with disability. It was difficult work, but it was essential and rewarding. I even opened one of the first disability specific vocational educational and training programs.

Today I work as a Director for UnitingCare. Having worked my way up from the ground level, I’ve had the opportunity to see both the frontline and the corporate services side of things. It’s been extremely helpful to understand both elements as it helps to meet people’s needs and address changes in the sector.

As a Director at UnitingCare, I am responsible for a 22 million dollar portfolio and over 220 staff, covering the greater Metropolitan Sydney, South-East NSW, the NSW Central Coast and ACT.

My job is all about helping a leadership team to support operations, services and projects in those areas, and to assist people to understand their role in this endeavour, to work towards specific program goals and outcomes, to work safely and to enhance quality of life for the people Uniting Care support.

A key component of my role is also leading the transformation of UnitingCare services so they are ready for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Something that I’ve believed in every step of my career is that I think no matter what level we work at – from frontline to executive management – is that people who do the best in their role are the people who bring their authentic self to work.

To me, this means living and working with truth and with purpose, and in the care sector, this means caring and striving towards supporting other people to be the best they can and to be included and valued in the community.

Anita Le Lay
Director, EM14


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