Campaign stories

carecareers has created a series of television ads and behind-the-scenes Q&A videos profiling some of the people who work in the NSW disability and community care sector.

To gain an enriching insight into these people, their careers and the rewarding relationships they have with their clients, watch their videos and read their stories below.

Nicky & Ted

Nicky who left her well-paying job in advertising to enter the community care sector and discovering a rewarding career choice. Her kids have commented on how happy she is now too. “It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”

After her mum died Nicky was left without that older generation in her family. She loves working with Ted and Janet and her other clients because she maintains that connection and closeness with the older generation. She’s a bit like a younger daughter to Ted and Janet, or a younger family friend.

Nicky loves Ted’s art and she’s been an enormous help to Ted preparing for his final exhibition that opened on November 10th 2012.

Specifically she’s been helping him select the artworks to include, and she has also taken it upon herself to drop flyers around, write a press release for the local paper and invite a group of her friends out on a girl’s night out for opening night, all in aid of promoting the event.

During her visits Nicky’s acts as a companion for Ted and discusses politics, art, to laugh with, have a cup of tea and biscuit, and to help him with any research or admin he needs doing. She also accompanies him on outings on his scooter to the shops or on the train.

Ted is an intelligent man who has had a challenging career as an accountant and then management consultant and many happy years travelling and painting with his wife, Janet.

He’s extremely fond of Nicky and appreciative of how easily she fits into his life and does whatever he needs of her. He also has a keen sense humour and enjoys light bantering with Nicky.

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Talia's story

Talia is a young girl with cerebral palsy who works with a team of allied health professionals, including her Speech Pathologist (Katelyn), Occupational Therapist (Jayne), Physiotherapist (Michael) and Case Worker (Ashley).

One of the family's biggest goals has been getting Talia to high school and Michael, her Speech Pathologist, was involved in the process: "That transition from primary school to high school is really quite a tough one. Not just for the child, but also for the families as well."  

As part of the team effort, Ashley, Talia's Case Worker, spoke directly to the head teacher of the high school's support unit to let her know about Talia and her family.

"We find if we work together, then there's greater outcomes for the family," says Ashley.

Jayne, an Occupational Therapist, worked with Talia on handwriting and alternatives to handwriting. "We look at if they need any sort of modifications or equipment for the school...and we've implemented things like speech therapy and iPads for Talia," says Jayne.

Talia was also referred to Katelyn, her Speech Pathologist, so that she could get support in keeping up in the classroom.

"Michael and Jayne referred Talia to me to get that extra support. She made a lot of progress in a fairly short amount of time. Talia was coming back and saying, 'I feel more confident in putting my hand up and asking a question or asking for help if I need it.'"

In Talia's words: "You're never gonna get something without trying. You need to try, otherwise you're not gonna get where you want to be...I just want to keep trying to do my best and see where it takes me."

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 Talia's video story


Maria & Gerard

Born with down syndrome, Gerard is a young man with many goals in life, one of which was to get a good job, and the second, to become a famous actor. Maria started working with Gerard at the beginning of 2008 and the two of them have formed a solid working relationship; built largely on trust in one another and Maria’s unflagging faith in Gerard’s potential to succeed.

Within a short time Maria and Gerard worked together to achieve his goals, with Gerard winning Best Male Actor at the Australian Tropfest short film awards and securing a Part Time job.

Gerard then secured a role as Theatre Operator at Riverside Theatres in 2011 which he is still doing today. "I like the staff of Riverside as they are nice people to work with and I like being around theatres," Gerard told us.

Maria and Gerard both share the same philosophy in life, and that is, in Gerard’s words “To follow your dreams and go for it. Help other people. Help them to communicate. Help them to solve their problems and their other upsets. Help them to keep going.”

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Maria & Gerard's video story


Ken & Ange

Ken was the manager of a steel powder coating plant until, at the age of 44, he felt an overwhelming need to do something more worthwhile - to be more involved with his community. He applied for a job at Cerebral Palsy Alliance (formerly The Spastic Centre) and got it. That was 14 years ago and that’s where he began caring for Ange.

Ange has cerebral palsy, is in a wheelchair and cannot talk. Their main method of communicating is by using the alphabet. Ange moves her head either to the left (which means start at A) or to her right (which means start at L). Ken then calls out the alphabet A, B, C, D, etc until she moves her head indicating the letter she wants. Then comes the next letter, and the next and so on. It sounds time consuming, and it is, but after 10 years together they’ve got it down to a fine art.

One of Ange’s true passions is a ball game called Boccia which Ken assists her with. It is one of the very few times in Ange’s life where she has total control of what’s going on as Ken can do nothing and makes no decisions until Ange gives him an instruction.

Thanks to their unique team work and absolute trust in each other Ange has won the national title three times in a row, but she hasn’t finished there. Now she has her eye on the biggest prize of all, a gold medal at the Paralympics.

But perhaps the greatest reward comes to Ken as he says in his own words, ”Seeing her each day and the courage she shows really helps me in my life everyday.”

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Ken & Ange's video story

Linda & Mr Lam

(1915 - 2010)

Born in Malacca in 1915, Mr Lam experienced a lot in his 95 years, with many ups and downs, bitter and sweet.

Having moved with his father at an early age to live in Beijing, he later worked as a teacher until exchanging the pen for the sword as China went to war.

At the rise of the communist party he found himself unable to live under their ideals and moved to Hong Kong where he first owned a farm, then worked in a bank, before eventually settling in his favourite place of all, Australia.

Although in his nineties, Mr Lam’s brain still functioned as well as ever and he still had an active lifestyle, as a member of his local bowling club, a keen gardener and practitioner of Tai Chi.

When his wife passed away he sometimes felt lonely. A loneliness alleviated by his paid care workers’ visits, because to Mr Lam the simple act of sitting, talking and joking about life brought him all the happiness he needed.

And funnily enough, even though he had almost a century of life experience to share, he believed he learnt more from his paid care staff than they did from him.

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Linda & Mr Lam's video story