Jobs guide

Working in the disability and community care sector is based around supporting the lives and aspirations of others, it requires people who know themselves, know their abilities, and know what they want to get out of their careers. This jobs guide will help you to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of succeeding in any role you apply for.

How do I succeed in getting the job I want?

The key to developing a successful career within disability and community care is knowing yourself. Not many people are comfortable talking about their limitations or weaknesses, but in this sector they are every bit as important as your strengths because they will help you seek the right role for you, and ensure you are right for the role. Don’t wait for the right role to come to you, be proactive and engage in activities that will prepare you for success.

  • Know yourself – understand the things that motivate you in a job. Ensure you don’t embark on a career only to find you lack the necessary motivation and commitment
  • Know what you want – beyond salary level, think about the things that may be just as beneficial such as security, flexibility, variety, autonomy, personal and professional development
  • Know your needs – it’s important you know what the needs are in your life. Think honestly about the salary, location and hours you want
  • Know how to present yourself – write a compelling resume and covering letter, and give a winning interview
  • Know what you want in an organisation – what company values are you looking for? What work culture do you want – perhaps it’s a collaborative working environment?
  • Know your stuff – actively research employers; use this knowledge to be informed about what they have to offer you, but also what you have to offer them
  • Know the market – go to job seeker events (information evenings, careers expos, jobs fairs), connect with those already in the sector, get to know recruiters, and visit the main jobs boards
  • Know how you did – make sure you get feedback after an interview; if successful, ask to meet the team to explore who you would be working with and where

Are you suitable for a career in the disability and community care sector?

Before you determine which work within the sector is for you, remember, there may be times when you’ll need emotional energy, mental resilience and in some cases physical strength.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have the ability to cater to the varying needs of clients in the sector?
  • Do you have an interest in supporting clients' settings and realising their goals?
  • Do you have the patience to explain things in different ways to be understood?
  • Do you know what is required of you and are you willing to learn new skills?

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