About carecareers

What is the community care and disability sector?

The community care and disability sector is one of the largest industries in Australia, providing a range of services aimed at improving the quality of life for members of the community with support needs.

Primarily comprised of government-funded organisations, not-for-profit (NFP) organisations, charities and benevolent institutions, the sector currently employs around 70,000 people across Australia.

Employers will be looking to recruit 40,000 people in the next 5 years because the number of people using their services is expected to rise to 350,000.

What is carecareers?

Recognising the need to improve attraction, recruitment and retention within this sector, in order to develop a sustainable workforce to meet the growing demands, Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC), Department of Families and Communities has funded a workforce recruitment initiative developed by National Disability Services (NDS).

The carecareers project is designed to grow the pool of talent available within the disability and community care sector, and to develop, implement and test a number of targeted attraction strategies.

carecareers forms a part of that body of work. Its website and fully staffed Careers Centre exist to assist you in all of your recruitment needs, whether you're a candidate or hiring manager.

This exciting initiative also benefits employees currently working in the sector. Existing employees can share their experiences with colleagues and peers, gain insight from others, explore what career opportunities are available and enjoy the benefits of a support service.

A high profile multi-media awareness campaign forms another part of the initiative, to help drive interest in the sector and to shift public perception of the work involved and its associated rewards.

carecareers supports recruitment into permanent Part Time and Full Time roles, Casual and Volunteer vacancies. It does not currently support the needs of brokers or agencies. carecareers is a support service and not a temporary bank.

For further information and advice please read our Frequently Asked Questions, contact our Career Consultant or search for the latest disability and community service jobs.